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The Law Office Of Josh McGuire

The Law Office of Josh McGuire wanted a website that clearly spoke to what they do, but with a personality that’s conservative yet approachable.

The Law Office Of Josh McGuire

As the new owner of a small business (just me, really), there are certain tasks that make you anxious—setting up an effective accounting system, finding just the right office in a great location, and deciding what to name the office fish, just to name a few. For me, setting up a website was at the top of the anxiety list. I wanted my website to be unique, memorable, and, above all, conservative. Not an easy task.

A good website designer probably could have done that for me.

A great website designer would have done that with me, getting my input and really trying to understand my business needs and how the website could help meet them.

A fantastic website designer would have done that, and taught me valuable lessons about marketing my business along the way.

Then there’s Lance Cummins, who did all of the above (and more) while being so pleasant to work with that I actually looked forward to my next conversation with him.

I expected to be intimidated, and instead I felt valued.

I expected to be frustrated, and instead I was educated.

I hoped to be satisfied. Instead I was amazed.

Working with Nectafy was one of the best decisions I made for my business. There aren’t many service professionals who make you just as happy about working with them as you are about an excellent final product. We need more of them to take a lesson from Lance.

Should building a website really be this much fun?

The first time I met with Attorney Josh McGuire, I knew that we were going to have a great experience crafting his web presence. Josh is witty, intelligent, and simply has a way with words. I’d ask him some of my initial exploratory questions, and he’d always come back with something that would surprise me in a good way.


Since Josh is so good with writing, he handled 98.84% of the copy on his site. That was just fine with us. His writing is personal and direct, which are the two things that we require with every site we build. Speaking in third person in an uninteresting voice is completely off-limits for a Nectafy website.


I have yet to read a legal blog that is more interesting and humorous than Josh’s. From our first day talking about the new site, we knew that we had to make it easy for him to talk about his craft.


We’re not huge into photos and frills without good reason. We love to focus on the core message and build whatever icons or graphics you need to support that message. That leaves the user with a simple, focused website, that has a personality. And that’s powerful.

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