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TeleCapture wanted a simple site that would represent their technology company well without a bunch of fuss.


There is power in simplicity.

Explainer Video

Since TeleCapture needed to explain their services in a succinct way, we wrote a video explainer script, and handled all the video production. Tiffany did a fantastic job of explaining what TeleCapture is. In fact, TeleCapture was able to use this video with a few modifications to pitch a huge, new client, which they won. So, yeah, Tiffany knocked it out of the park.


We wanted to help TeleCapture explain their product in a straightforward, casual tone. So, we wrote the copy for the entire site, speaking in first and second person, which, as you know if you’ve read our stuff, is the only way it should be done.

Integrated With Their API

TeleCapture is a high-tech company. For their site, we needed to tie into their existing servers to retrieve available phone numbers. We integrated that API call seamlessly, and helped create a new account process that is completed on their servers.

Content Creation

We continue to work with TeleCapture to help them create engaging content for their target audience. We brainstorm topics with them bi-weekly, and then write, edit, and produce the content. We even create custom graphics that fit the tone we’re trying to create.


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