February’s Top 10 Mostly-About-Marketing Must-Reads


Our team has been finding some pretty amazing articles lately, and we wanted to share this month’s list with you.

Warning: If the ideas from these articles are applied to your inbound marketing strategy, they could totally rock your world.

1. Why Smart Machines Will Boost Emotional Intelligence

Selected By Emily Nix

Will humans be able to survive and thrive in the smart machine age? This podcast says not unless we learn how to do this one thing.

2. The Research-Backed Way to Surprise and Delight Your Audience

Selected By Meredith DeSousa

Absurdity and incongruity aren’t just words nobody uses (yeah, we know you had to look that second one up)—turns out they’re two awesome ways to get what I suspect will be an unexpected reaction to your marketing material. If your best jokes currently include words like “knock-knock,” then have a look here. I hope these examples of what your marketing could look like will inspire you to get cracking—and get your audience cracking up.

3. 7 Effective Email Outreach Tactics To Get More Replies

Selected By Megan Combe

The Nectafy writers have been spending some time researching email workflows lately, and I think this article on effective email outreach tactics hits the mark. My favorite advice? “Think of your email as a conversation” and “Keep your outreach email humble.” Bingo!

4. Enhance Website Performance with Visuals: 8 Examples

Selected By Ellie Cummins

Want your website to function better? Check out these eight aesthetically pleasing examples for how to visually boost your content for even better performance.

5. How to Improve Your Cheapo Webcam’s Picture Quality

Selected By Lance Cummins

Back in the day, I spent hours and days on this particular website learning how to light photos with strobe lights and such. But this post is actually a fantastic, simple explanation of how you can present yourself much, much better on the ever-more-ubiquitous video call you find yourself on. Our company uses video calls for everything (using Zoom, of course), and we’re working hard to make those experiences as great as possible.

6. Google’s Mobile Interstitial & Popup Change Now Live: What to Know

Selected By Nicolae Litvac

Google’s newest algorithm is lowering page rankings in search results for websites using pop-ups and interstitials. Here’s what you need to know to make sure your site’s pages aren’t devalued.

7. How Hootsuite Increased Conversion By 16% With One Question

Selected By Henry O’Loughlin

I love any post or experiment backed by data. In this one, Qualaroo covers a really interesting landing page test done by Hootsuite. By essentially asking people why they weren’t “converting” on the page, Hootsuite increased conversions by 16%.

8. 7 Proofreading Strategies for Higher-Quality Blog Posts

Selected By Marisa Dube

Sometimes I’m surprised by how long it takes me to proofread something I’ve written. I start with one thing, see another that needs tweaking, and then think a paragraph needs to go in a different direction. Before I know it, I’ve spent a significant amount of time “proofreading,” yet feel I need to do it all over again. This article shares a simple (and much more logical) order to proofreading, so you can have high-quality content ready quickly.

9. The Top 101 Marketing Time Management Strategies You Need to Succeed

Selected By Tiffany Nix

This article is about a year old but has some time management tips that’ll never become outdated. As I looked through this list, I recognized many strategies we’ve implemented at Nectafy over the last couple years, and I can attest that they’ve truly made us more efficient. (Of course, I also learned a few new strategies along the way!) This list has something for everyone on the team, so once you’re through reading it, it’s definitely worth a share.

10. You’re More Resilient Than You Give Yourself Credit For

Selected By Gabby Shultis

Chances are, we all have something we can work on that’s outside our comfort zone (I know I sure do). This article is a welcoming reminder that while we often underestimate our abilities, we’re actually capable of a lot more than we realize. I love that I can apply author Andy Molinsky’s insight here to both personal and professional situations—and I think you’ll benefit from it, too.

Have an article applicable to inbound marketing that you’d add to the list? Leave a comment below or tweet us @nectafy. We’d love to read it!

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