January’s Top 10 Inbound Marketing Must-Reads


There’s no time like the present—especially when the present happens to be the start of a brand new year! Whether you’re looking for ways to kick your marketing into high gear or simply want to add a bit of “oomph” to your January, we’ve put together a list of articles, along with our take on them, to get your juices flowing. Happy 2017!

1. 3 Ways to Hack Your Environment to Help You Create

Selected By Emily Nix

If you’re wondering how you can do better work in 2017, you’re not the only one. This article has a few takeaways for purposefully building an environment that fosters creative thinking (I’m implementing two of those ideas already, and I can see a difference in my writing!).

2. TEDx Laura Vanderkam: How To Gain Control Of Your Free Time

Selected By Megan Combe

At Nectafy, we take work-life alignment seriously, so this TED talk by Laura Vanderkam grabbed my attention right away. If you’ve recently said, “I don’t have time” (I know I have!), take 11 minutes to watch this clip.

3. Never Manage Time – Manage Priorities

Selected By Tiffany Nix

Do you seem to have a never-ending to-do list? If you feel like you’re constantly struggling with time management, Chris Brogan says you have a “flawed mindset.” Check out his tips on managing priorities instead of time.

4. 3 Fundamental Ways to Write More Persuasive Content

Selected By Ellie Cummins

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could write more persuasive content? According to Jacob Warwick, the answer lies in applying Aristotle’s Rhetoric to your marketing strategy.

5. 15+ Worthless Words To Cut To Improve Your Readers’ Experience

Selected By Meredith DeSousa

In order to improve your readers’ enjoyment of your blog, there’s certain stuff you should just never really say. (If you didn’t enjoy that sentence, it’s because several of those dreaded words are stuffed in there!) Want to find out which words are considered worthless? Read Julia McCoy’s article, and get rid of your writing flab for good.

6. 6 SEO Experiments That Will Blow Your Mind

Selected By Nicolae Litvac

There’s nothing better than learning from others’ mistakes—except maybe learning from others’ experiments. Check out the results of these six jaw-dropping experiments, and rock your company’s SEO this year.

7. What marketing pros need to know about live video in 2017

Selected By Gabby Shultis

Filming a video that can be edited is one thing. Filming live for all the world to see at that very moment? Now that’s a little nerve-wracking! But we’d all better get used to the idea, because according to marketers, live video is expected to explode over the next few years, making it the social media trend of 2017.

8. Why Your Greatest Asset May Be Slowly Eroding (and How You Can Rebuild it)

Selected By Marisa Dube

What’s one of the greatest contributors to your success? Jerod Morris’ take on this topic is unique and a much-needed reminder. In just a few minutes, discover what your greatest asset is (I’m willing to bet you won’t guess it!) and how you can protect it.

9. Bad Writing Costs Businesses Billions

Selected By Henry O’Loughlin

Writing an article about bad writing is always a bold move! Although I’m not sure I agree with the number the author arrives at, this article clearly outlines a major issue in business—written communication—and offers actionable solutions.

10. 7 Things Content Marketers Can Learn From Fiction Writers

Selected By Lance Cummins

I’m neither a fiction reader nor a fiction writer, but I thought point #2 in this article is worth reading—even if it means you skip over point #1 and click the back button at the end of this brief paragraph. I don’t know if everyone will agree, but as a reader of plenty of content marketing stuff, I would love it if the only things that were written were things I wanted to read. Then again, I would never have time to do anything else.

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