November’s Top 10 Inbound Marketing Must-Reads

Top 10 Inbound Marketing Must-Reads — November

Looking for inbound marketing insights this November? You’re in luck. The Nectafy team has amassed a list of 10 cream-of-the-crop articles to help you grow your marketing chops.

1. Marketers Are Blogging 800% More But Getting Nearly 100% Fewer Shares

Selected by Gabby Shultis

As marketers, have we lost sight of the real purpose behind content creation? Should we be following a “less is more” approach? One thing’s certain—this article will have you seriously rethinking your blogging strategy.

2. How To Report Status On A Project

Selected by Tiffany Nix

Chances are, no matter your job title or department, you report to someone who wants to know where you are with any given assignment. Whether it’s reporting to a client or just emailing your boss, this article gives invaluable tips on how to communicate status more effectively.

3. How To Write A Winning First Sentence

Selected by Ellie Cummins

The opening sentence of an article plays a crucial role in capturing your audience’s attention, but often it’s shamefully neglected. Here are five writing styles you can use to shake things up and craft a stellar first sentence.

4. How To Meet Deadlines When You’re Sick And Tired Of Missing Them

Selected by Megan Combe

Ever struggle with meeting deadlines? (Ever struggle with making deadlines?) This article is for great for anyone who needs a handful of helpful, actionable tips on how to deliver on time, every time. My favorite? Break your larger deadlines into smaller ones.

5. How To Use Processes That Scale Your Business Big Time

Selected by Emily Nix

If you want to grow your business, then you need processes. Here are some tips on how to implement and follow processes that deal with your people, products, and profit.

6. What Are Interstitials, And Are They Hurting Your SEO?

Selected by Henry O’Loughlin

“Interstitials” is just a fancy way for Google to say mobile popups. Think about when you go to a website on your phone and it doesn’t let you see the page you want until you “X” out the popup box. (Personally, a ton of cooking websites come to mind.) If Google finds those on your site, you may be penalized. Check out Neil Patel’s informative article to see if this might be negatively impacting your SEO.

7. 10 Secrets Behind Creating Contagious Content 10 Times Better Than Your Competition

Selected by Meredith DeSousa

The premise here: Marketers should stop striving to write “unique” content. Wait, what? Find out why uniqueness isn’t necessarily the key to standing out, but providing 10x better content is. It’s not as difficult as you think.

8. B2B Marketing Stats To Know In 2016

Selected by Marisa Dube

To best reach your target audience you need to post the right content, at the right time, in the right place. Here, learn what types of content performed best on various social media networks for B2B companies in 2016.

9. How To Test A Website Before You Launch: A 28-Point Checklist

Selected by Nicolae Litvac

From creating a structured process to dividing the myriad of tasks among your staff, this thorough article tells you everything you need to know about testing your website before launch.

10. Why You Should Argue With Your Employees

Selected by Lance Cummins

This is not really a marketing article, but you can certainly apply its principles to your daily work! If your marketing team cares about your company’s success, there should be multiple opinions on the table at all times, and each one should be heard, argued against, and wrestled with. Instead of blindly putting marketing on autopilot, (where it silently withers and dies) make it a matter of debate. It’s worth the fight.

Have you come across any “must-reads” we should know about? Let us know in the comments below!
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