B2B Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be A Nightmare | Our Mid-Week Marketing Mash-Up

Each week, in our Mid-Week Marketing Mash-Up, we bring you the advice of five must-read marketing articles in just two minutes or less.

Social media for your B2B business—do you get stressed just thinking about it? Well, it is possible to do it successfully. You just have to breathe, create a strategy, and carry it out. Here are five great articles to get you going.

(We found it interesting that every one of these articles said that an engaging and relevant content marketing plan was a must in order for social media efforts to be worth it… just saying.)

  1. Can Social Media Actually Produce Leads and Sales for B2B Businesses?: “… only if it is done in the right circumstances and with the right support…” Make sure that you’re on the social networks that your buyer personas are on. Create a holistic marketing plan that encompasses all of your marketing tactics, and integrate social media strategy in where it fits, with a clear purpose and set objectives. (Remember, you’ll have a negative ROI with social media if you don’t have an engaging and relevant content marketing plan. Social media is used as the platform to showcase that content.) Oh, and always measure what you’re doing.
  2. Creating a Social Media Strategy for B2B Audiences, Products and Services: “… content is the fuel needed to power effective social media campaigns…” Making social media work takes time. Use the CARE model to guide you: Content, Audience, Relevance, Evaluation. (See model below.) Click through for 4 examples of B2B businesses using social media, and 8 B2B social media pitfalls.


  3. How B2B Companies Can Use Twitter To Make An Impact in 140 Characters: B2B companies seem to be using Twitter to a limited extent because they just don’t know quite how to do it. Some of the biggest B2B Twitter “no-no’s” are: publishing too much content too often or at the wrong times; tweeting content that isn’t relevant, interesting, or engaging to the company’s respective target audience; and, not interacting with others. Some best practices are: repurposing and publishing all of your company’s content; making Twitter lists and going through those tweets on a regular basis; using industry hash tags; making it your goal to add value to the industry; leveraging paid ads; and, engaging with industry influencers.
  4. 5 Essential Techniques for B2B Social Media Success: 1) Create high quality content and customize the way you share it on each social channel. 2) Forget the shameless self-promotion, and use these opportunities to create positive brand recognition. 3) Utilize paid ads that allow you to narrow your focus to who you’re really wanting to reach. 4) Supplement your social activity with email incentives. 5) Use retargeting to keep your brand in front of readers.
  5. 6 Tips for Managing a B2B Crisis Using Social Media: Develop a strategy for crisis situations, and if a crisis strikes, don’t ignore it—immediately get the facts and put your plan into motion. Don’t “sugarcoat” or mask things from the public—be honest and explicit, and keep the information flowing. Once the crisis passes, apologize and reaffirm your commitment to your customers. Then, discuss strategies about how to prevent the crisis from happening again.