HubSpot Alternatives: Our Clients Are Asking, So Here’s Our Research


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We talk a lot about HubSpot, and for good reason—we’ve had great results using HubSpot both for ourselves and our customers. Recently, though, a few of our clients have been hearing about alternatives they could use for inbound marketing, and they wanted to know our opinion on these companies. While we use HubSpot with most of our clients as well as our own agency, we don’t work only with HubSpot—in fact, some of our clients work with other competing companies.

With that in mind, I put together this list of seven HubSpot competitors: Marketo, Pardot, Infusionsoft, LeadSquared, Oracle Eloqua, Act-On, and ONTRAPORT. While all seven are similar, there are some key differences to consider if you’re trying to choose, including things like pricing and the ideal user.

Personas, Pricing, & Features

First, we’ll identify these seven HubSpot competitors according to their buyer personas (as identified by the companies themselves or by me, which means my best assessment of their personas based on the language on their websites). The pricing and features information comes straight from the company websites.

Competitor Persona Pricing Features
Marketo Enterprise companies who need help with all their digital marketing needs. There are no numbers on the pricing page. You have to call the sales team to get a quote.
  • Marketing automation
  • Account-based marketing
  • Lead management
  • Email marketing
  • Consumer marketing
  • Customer base marketing
  • Mobile marketing
Pardot For B2B Salesforce users. If you use (and like) Salesforce, you’ll probably like using Pardot as well. The pricing page is clear and easy to understand. They also offer a detailed price list as a PDF.
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email marketing
  • Lead generation and lead management
  • ROI reporting
  • Sales alignment through Salesforce
  • B2B marketing analytics
Infusionsoft Small to midsize companies. The company’s pricing page is clear and interactive (very cool!). They have several options to choose from with potential to customize. Cost ranges from $99-$379.
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales automation
  • Online sales
  • Analytics
  • Mobile
  • Payments
LeadSquared Small to midsize businesses, specifically:

  • Colleges and universities
  • Ed tech
  • Insurance
  • Loans
  • Real estate
Marketing automation services range from the basic package at $150 per month to $1,200 per month. There are many different options and add-ons available.
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales and leads CRM
  • Lead conversion platform
Oracle Eloqua
  • Retail
  • Financial services
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
Monthly pricing begins at $2,000 for a basic package.
  • Marketing automation
Act-On Small to midsize companies as well as enterprises. Pricing ranges from $900 per month for the professional version to $2,000 per month for the enterprise version.
  • Inbound marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Outbound marketing
  • Reports and analytics
  • CRM integration
ONTRAPORT Small businesses and entrepreneurs. Monthly prices range from the basic package at $79 for single users to $597 for up to 10 users (team pricing).
  • Marketing automation
  • Reporting


Reviews, Support, & Demos

For this part of the HubSpot competitors comparison, I read through reviews on G2 to get a sense of what users like and don’t like. I then went back to each company’s support/customer service page to get first impressions based on the websites alone. The demo column simply identifies if the company has a demo and where you can find it.

  Reviews (on G2) Support Demo
Marketo 4.2 stars My first response to their support page: I was overwhelmed. Marketo has a four-page “overview” PDF outlining who to call for what (and when). On one hand I appreciate that it’s thorough, but on the other, I don’t want to read through a ton of pages—just give me some encouragement that your company can help me no matter what my dilemma. Yes, here.
Pardot 4.25 (816 reviews) Pardot’s support seems comprehensive based on its customer experience page. Yes; both the guided tour and demo are behind a form.
InfusionSoft 3.65 (228 reviews) Reviewers repeatedly said that InfusionSoft had a steep learning curve and that it’s not user-friendly, sometimes referring to it as “Confusionsoft.” InfusionSoft’s HelpCenter page has links to manuals as well as company contact information. Yes; at the bottom of the page here.
LeadSquared 4.5 (105 reviews) LeadSquared’s Help Portal had options for finding solutions to customer questions as well as a few numbers for sales and support. It also showed some of the company’s integrations. Yes; here.
Oracle Eloqua 3.9 (174 reviews) The company offers support online, but the look and feel of the page seem outdated. Yes; the video on the home page requires Flash—eek!
Act-On 4.3 (363 reviews) I was impressed with Act-On’s support page, which offers unlimited, personalized customer care. It was the most impressive to me, and stood head-and-shoulders above the other pages I reviewed.


Yes; you have to fill out a form to see it.
ONTRAPORT 3.5 (66 reviews) ONTRAPORT has an excellent support site. Yes; on the homepage here.


HubSpot Alternatives: Our Thoughts

While it’s relatively easy to look at HubSpot alternatives (and HubSpot itself) and identify which company offers the most tools, is the best value, offers the best support, etc., it’s not as easy to say which is best for your specific needs.

Our suggestion? Take a look at HubSpot and these competitors yourself. Then, compare your list of wants and needs to these options, and see which one might be the best choice for you.

Then, if you want to get another opinion of what would work best for your company’s goals, we’d be glad to help.

Even though we’re HubSpot partners, we have clients who use CRMs other than HubSpot, and we can give you a recommendation based solely on your goals and needs if that’s something you’re interested in—just fill out our evaluation form.

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  • Kevin Shayne

    The problem with comparisons is that they are rarely accurate. For example, G2 bunches non competitors against one another. B2B versus B2C is really different. ECOMM isn’t the same as non ECOMM. Tossing all marketing automation together without categorizing is simply useless. In your column for “Persona” in some instances you list the market and in others you do not. Also, and I’m not advocating this solution – it’s merely based upon my research, SharpSpring is a more realistic competitor to Hubspot then Eloqua merely due to budget. Eloqua is extremely expensive and complicated. Again, in the Persona column it should say “Large B2B” as I do not believe they even emphasize ECOM.

    • Hi Kevin! Breaking alternatives down by categories is a good idea. Thanks for the suggestion—we may have to expand on this topic soon! Do you use SharpSpring?

  • Kevin Pearson

    Great article, but ONTRAPORT isn’t ranked 3.5 on G2 crowd — it’s ranked a 4.3.

    • Hey Kevin! Thanks for your comment. You’re right! The ranking has changed since we pulled the data. We’ll get that updated. Thanks!