HubSpot Hack #1: How To Create Alternate Form Content For Certain Visitors

This is part one of a series of HubSpot tutorial videos, where one of us at Nectafy will share a creative way to use HubSpot. Sometimes it’ll expose an underutilized feature of HubSpot, and other times we’ll show you a way to bend or tweak the system a bit to do some really cool stuff. The main goal each time is to show you a new way to do something beneficial for your website and your inbound marketing.

An Introduction To This HubSpot Hack: Smart Content Over Forms

ClearPoint Strategy, a Nectafy client, is a software company that offers a free trial of its Balanced Scorecard software. People would frequently come to the site to fill out the free trial request form, get distracted and forget they’d done it, and then return to fill out the form again a few days later. This was making it hard for reporting because it’d be counted as two requests instead of one. Furthermore, these people would also fill out the form a bit differently the second time, which would present conflicting data.

They wanted to find a way to show people a message who have already filled out the form. We went about finding a way in HubSpot, and have included the video tutorial above.

Marketing Scenarios

If you’ve ever found yourself in one of these two situations, this video could be a great help:

  • People frequently fill out forms more than once, and you want to stop that from happening.
  • Customers want to download your content, and you don’t want to annoy them by asking for contact information.


Use “Smart Content” in HubSpot in place of “Forms.” Smart Content allows you to show certain content to people if they fit into one criteria, and different content if they’ve taken other actions on your site. For this scenario, you’d want to show a message for people who have already filled out the form (or who are customers), and you’d want to show the form to people who haven’t filled it out before (or who are not customers). Here’s the result.

Someone who hasn’t filled out the form will see this:

HubSpot tutorial screengrab

Someone who has filled out the form before will see this:

Hubspot tutorial screengrab

Now, if you haven’t already, go check out the video.

Did this help you? Do you have questions about how to solve a certain problem in HubSpot? We’re up for the challenge. Leave us a comment below or tweet at me (@henryoloughlin). Your idea or question could become our next HubSpot Hack!

Download: How Our Company Put HubSpot To The Test

  • Dustin Steller

    Pretty slick. I like the flexibility of showing completely different content. I like the hack and it never occurred to me because I typically just use a smart form and that way we can add additional questions to further fill out a deeper profile on that potential user? …or once we have a full profile, it doesn’t show anything other than the link to the next page. …just curious. 🙂

  • Yes, like Dustin, I would probably also use smart forms/progressive profiling. But this hack creates a better experience for existing clients and gives you a much truer picture around your conversion analytics. Thanks guys and keep ’em coming 🙂

  • Sam Shoolman

    Good post, Henry – this smart targeting is especially important for companies that have large or growing databases of contacts.

    • henryoloughlin

      Thanks, Sam. Definitely – contacts and customers.

  • henryoloughlin

    Hey Wendy and Dustin,
    Thanks for checking out the video and commenting! I appreciate it. I’d like to share more of these, so if you guys have any ideas, I’d love to talk about a guest post!

    Smart forms can definitely accomplish something similar (or maybe better). The reason for this was like Wendy said – for analytics and for user experience. If I remember correctly, I tried this with smart forms first. So if you had all 5 fields filled in, we’d show a rich text field with a note. The one problem I ran into was with optional fields. People likely wouldn’t fill in the “notes” section, so the form would show 1) notes and 2) a message that we already received your request. It was a bit confusing. Maybe there’s a way around that?

    Thanks guys! Keep in touch,

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