17 Creative Ways To See Increasing Conversion Rates

increasing-conversion-ratesEach week, in our Mid-Week Marketing Mash-Up, we bring you the advice of five must-read marketing articles in just two minutes or less.

It’s pretty neat when you check out your analytics and see that there has been an increase in your website’s traffic. But, what matters even more to your business is the conversion of those visitors into leads or customers. So, what are the best ways to do that? Consider implementing some of these creative ideas to see increasing conversion rates for your company.

  1. “LOL! I Looked Like That!?”—Why “Before and After Pictures” Convert So Well: Even if you’re not selling gym memberships, (1) you can use before and after pictures to increase your conversion rates drastically. Using before and after pictures allows prospective customers to see how your product or service will help solve their problem. Plus, they let you control your story and they increase the believability of what you tell potential customers. Watch this video to hear the psychological reasons before and after pictures will contribute to increasing conversion rates.
  2. 6 Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies With Surprising Results: Six companies set out to improve their conversion rates. Walmart Canada realized much of their online traffic was from mobile devices, but the layout of the mobile site was poor and loaded slowly. With a redesigned mobile site design, they saw a 20% conversion increase on devices, and 98% more mobile purchases. BrookdaleLiving.com, a website offering community living solutions to senior citizens, decided to give their website a face lift and test between a video testimony and static pictures to see which generated more conversion. Oddly enough, the variation with static pictures gave them 3.92% more conversion, resulting in $106,000 additional monthly revenue. Read the whole article to learn the changes an online cosmetic retailer, a professional truck driver’s forum, an online hardware store, and clothing company made that resulted in increasing conversion rates.
  3. 5 Tips for Creating Landing Pages That Convert: In most cases, a landing page that generates conversion is needed for success. According to QuickSprout’s infographic, for a great landing page that converts, (2) create a brief but specific headline, (3) a descriptive subheading, and (4) list benefits of your product or service with bullet points. When writing this content, be sure to (5) focus on how your product or service will help customers, and not just on the features of it. (6) Include quality images or a video explanation and (7) a call-to-action that really stands out from the rest of the page. (8) Keep everything important above the fold, and (9) limit your navigational links to just a few. Also, (10) adding testimonies and security seals can instill your visitors’ trust in you. In addition to these elements, (11) consider the design of your page. White space and “chunkable” sections make your page easier to read. Lastly, (12) test the affects of these different elements and (13) make changes based on analytics to create a landing page that really does convert.
  4. The Scientific Guide To Pinterest Marketing: How To Create Popular Images For More Pins And Better Conversion [INFOGRAPHICS]: You should (14) create a Pinterest marketing strategy. Why? “More than one-fifth of U.S. adults use Pinterest,” and, people will spend more money when they are converted from a Pinterest referral. Pinterest’s business blog broke down its users’ mindsets into four categories: 1) Just Looking; 2) Maybe I Could; 3) I’m Narrowing It Down; 4) I Know What I Want. These mindsets, oddly enough, look a lot like a customer lifecycle. So, to pin better images that will aid your conversion rates, follow Curalate’s suggestions for Pinterest images, keep pins tall rather than wide, use words in your description that resonate with Pinners, follow lots of people, pin at the right times, and finally, take advantage of Pinterest’s business section and rich pins feature.
  5. The Hero Trap (How A Simple Sales Guide Lifted Conversions 112%): Don’t fall into “The Hero Trap”—thinking that you or your product is the hero. Your customers are really the heroes. It’s up to you to equip or instruct them. So, (15) give them not only helpful products, but also truly helpful content. (16) Make your interactions with customers more friendly and personal, and (17) genuinely thank them when they visit you, reach out to you, or purchase from you. In short, do whatever you can to make your customer the hero.

 What about you? What do you think would help boost your conversion rates?