July’s Top 10 Mostly-About-Marketing Must-Reads


Smart people know that if you have a choice between learning through mistakes or learning by example, you should choose learning by example. Why? Because learning through other people’s successes and failures saves you face and time. That’s a pretty sweet bonus, so we’ve made a list of example-filled articles for you to read. Happy learning!

1. 10 Amazing Brand Story Examples

Written By Lisa Lacy At Linkdex

These stories from well-known brands will have you rethinking how your company tells its story. Whether it’s an outrageously long video or a donation to charity, every brand’s goal is to show its human side and connect with its followers.

2. Best Team Pages: Check Out These 11 (and Why They’ll Win You Over)

Written By Ramona Sukhraj At IMPACT

While each company goes about it in a different way—using cinemagraphs, creating a “humor index”, or adding GIFs behind photos—every team page in this article has something in common. No matter how crazy and creative the method of introducing the team members is, the main goal of the page is always to form a personal connection with people.

3. 6 Examples Of Strong Homepage SEO Optimization

Written By Duo

Are you optimizing your homepage with straightforward headings, attention-grabbing calls-to-action, and descriptions of your product or service? These examples will give you a clear understanding of how to optimize your homepage so your personas can easily take action.

4. The Best of B2B Marketing Content: 9 Examples

Written By Meghan Keaney Anderson At HubSpot

In the “Takeaway For Marketers” section after each example, Meghan breaks down key ideas from the B2B content example and ties them into marketing advice that’s easy to put to use.

5. 10 Examples of Email Re-engagement Campaigns You’ll Want to Steal

Written By Carly Stec At IMPACT

While stealing is generally frowned upon, these email re-engagement examples may be the exception. The emails in this article are great examples of humorous and clever ways to re-engage your readers.

6. Ditch the Boring White Paper: Top 5 B2B White Paper Examples

Written By Anna Washenko At Kapost

This article was published two years ago and is still as applicable as ever. Make sure to read #4, which is a great reminder that linking to outside resources doesn’t only give your readers useful content, it makes you appear even more confident in your own company.

7. 15 Call-to-Action Examples Designed to REALLY Generate Leads

Written By Karisa Egan At IMPACT

This article is brimming with call-to-action examples and a breakdown of what makes them work. If you’re looking for ways to make your CTAs perform above and beyond, this article is for you.

8. 7 High-Converting Landing Page Examples for Your Personal Swipe File

Written By Lucas Miller At Jeffbullas.com

Check out the ideas from these high-converting landing pages and the visual practices they use. My favorite example in this article is Skype’s landing page. The concise header, bold call-to-action, and masterful use of white space make it simple, crisp, and beautiful to behold.

9. 15 Thank You Page Examples That Will Help You Grow Your Business

Written By Martin Zhel At MailMunch

Your thank you page has a job to do—it lets people know they were successful in filling out your form. But just because your page is already employed doesn’t mean you can’t up its game with these 15 examples. In fact, your thank you page will thank you.

10. The Best — And Worst — Examples Of Social Media Contests I’ve Seen

Written By Josh Ames At SparkReaction

Social media contests can be just the thing to get people talking, but there are certain practices to steer clear of when you’re creating one. In this article, Josh compares two vastly different approaches to social media contests and shares valuable thoughts for the next time you’re looking to generate some noise.

11. Pros Share their BEST Email Marketing Content EVER

☆ Bonus article

Written By Julie Ewald At MailMunch

Find out the techniques behind top-performing emails—from the creators themselves. (Spoiler alert: email #5 belongs to Nectafy.) These emails hit the jackpot by creating a sense of urgency, causing a little controversy, or simply using intriguing phrases people had never heard in marketing before.

Are there any articles we missed? Tell us in the comments section below, or tweet us @nectafy.
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