What I Learned At Wendy’s About Option Overload [Video]

What could fast food possibly teach me about online marketing? Watch this to find out. (I can make any situation a learning experience!)

If you’d rather read than watch the video, the complete transcription is below.

This weekend, I took my family camping. And while I would love to talk about camping, I would really rather talk about what I experienced in Wendy’s.

It was this: They have one of these very cool, computerized Coke dispensers. And what I noticed is that they gave you a ton of choices. Probably, I don’t know, three rows of five each—so, 15 choices—for the user to try to touch and figure out how to make this thing work.

Well, what I discovered is what web experience experts have already figured out—it’s that when you give somebody too many options, it completely bogs the process down.

On your website, don’t give 15 different things on your homepage. Don’t use a slider with 15 things sliding across it, because you’re basically putting the burden on the user. Instead, think through, “What are the 2-3 things that I want to give that user an option to do?” And make it really clear what path that they need to go down.

OK, some other day I’m going to tell you about my camping experience in a yurt and how cool that was, but today I want you to focus on choices—keep it simple.

How do you simplify things for your visitors?

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  • Dustin Steller

    I’m touching my finger to my nose … ding, ding, ding!!! You are spot on, Lance. As a user experience expert who has worked on some of the top brands in the world, I completely concur. Too many bells and whistles detract from the singular (or maybe 2-3) goals that a client should have for a website.

  • Dustin Steller

    Oh, and I googled ‘yurt’ … holy cow! That looks like FUN!

    • nectafy

      Yeah, Yurting is pretty much like NOT actually camping. We’re planning on tent camping in a few weeks, and I think we’ll realize how soft we’ve become.

      • Dustin Steller

        Haha…yes, camping is about the ultimate way to put your masculinity into perspective. It is nice to highlight the relative ease of a person’s day-to-day current posh existence, when you have to start a fire, create shelter, somehow stay dry, feed yourself (let alone your family)…go to the bathroom. Oh the joys of camping. Actually, after thinking about those camping things, I believe that yurting looks like it is more aligned with my life goals. 😀

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