25 Tweetable Statistics Every Content Marketer Should Know (& Share)

Content isn’t just the future of marketing anymore—it’s the present. And the newest online marketing statistics prove it. Content marketing is here, and it’s here to stay.

Whether or not your company has adopted a content (or, even better, an inbound marketing) plan of your own, every one of these statistics should get your attention. There’s a lot of insight packed in each of these 144-character phrases.

What do each of these online marketing stats mean for your business? (You have to check out #24 and #25.)

25 Tweetable Content Marketing Statistics

    1. 52% of online adults now use 2 or more social media sites. -@heidicohen

      (Where is your audience? Read more about this in Heidi Cohen’s original article.)


    1. One-third of website visitors spend less than 15 seconds reading articles they click on. -@arctictony

      (Read more about this in Tony Haile’s original article.)


    1. Over 30% of technology buyers chose white papers over emails as more influential in a buying decision. -@thealeagroup

      (Read more about this in Louis Foong’s original article.)


    1. Pinterest has over 70 million users—over 80% are female, 77% of whom fall within the 18-54 age group. -@bryankramer

      (Read more about this in Bryan Kramer’s original article.)


    1. 93% of B2B marketers have adopted content marketing. Only 23% have adopted a persona-centric focus. -@redfoxstrategy

      (Read more about this in Todd Cameron’s original article.)


    1. Using marketing analytics effectively can produce a 5-6% productivity and profitability rate increase. -@TeacupLeah

      (Read more about this in Leah Klingbeil’s original article.)


    1. 64% of surveyed marketers said corporate websites are a “very effective” tool for revenue growth. -@rickwhittington

      (Read more about this in Rick Whittington’s original article.)


    1. Videos help increase people’s understanding of your product or service by up to 74%. -@janeintrieri

      (Read more about this in Jane Intrieri’s original article.)


    1. Between now and 2020, the amount of information on the internet is expected to increase by 500%. -@BrianneLRush

      (Read more about this in Brianne Carlon Rush’s original article.)


    1. 45% of marketers say their website’s true purpose is to promote thought leadership through content. -@Laurenekstrandk

      (Read more about this in Lauren Kaye’s original article.)


    1. 9 of 10 B2B small-business marketers are focused on doing a better job of converting website visitors. -@JoePulizzi

      (Read more about this in Joe Pulizzi’s original article.)


    1. 53% of marketers surveyed stated that email marketing produces either some ROI or significant ROI. -@john_w_hayes

      (Read more about this in John W. Hayes’s original article.)


    1. 29.6% of polled marketers cited content marketing as their top digital tool for the year. -@Sheamus

      (Read more about this in Shea Bennett’s original article.)


    1. While we only remember about 20% of what we read, we retain as much as 80% of what we see. -@lkolo25

      (Read more about this in Lindsay Kolowich’s original article.)


    1. Video can increase conversion rates on landing pages by 80%. -@Kimbe_Mac

      (Read more about this in Kimbe MacMaster’s original article.)


    1. 70% of consumers say they prefer to learn about a company through reading articles rather than from an ad. -@dayroth

      (Read more about this in Dayna Rothman’s original article.)


    1. 78% of marketers think customer engagement occurs in the middle or end stages of the marketing funnel. -@sdholakia

      (Read more about this in Sanjay Dholakia’s original article.)


    1. In 2014, mobile e-commerce overtook desktop e-commerce, accounting for 22% of online sales. -@Jon_hurricane

      (Read more about this in Jon Mowat’s original article.)


    1. 57% of surveyed web users say they will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. -@chris_c_lucas

      (Read more about this in Chris Lucas’s original article.)


    1. Only 15% of marketers say an in-house approach is the most effective way to do content marketing. -@Laurenekstrandk

      (Read more about this in Lauren Kaye’s original article.)


    1. Businesses using Twitter Cards get 89% more favorites, 18% more clicks, and 150% more retweets. -@MarketingLetter

      (Read more about this in Angela Hausman’s original article.)


    1. Email open rates can be increased 20% just by including the word “video” in the subject line. -@MrWideo

      (Read more about this in Agu de Marco’s original article.)


    1. 90% of marketers aren’t currently using short form videos (like Vines) in their marketing strategy. -@SamRoseFerguson

      (Read more about this in Samantha Ferguson’s original article.)


    1. While content creation on thousands of blogs increased 78% in 2013-14, engagement decreased by 60%. -@Laurenekstrandk

      Uh, what? Scroll down to read a few notes about this one below. (And then you can read more about this in Lauren Kaye’s original article.)


    1. Strategically-aligned content marketing can boost customer engagement by 400% & acquisition by 300%. -@caroleebennett

      (Read more about this in Carolee Bennett’s original article, and check out the data from Kapost’s infographic.)


About #24 & #25

My favorites are probably these last two—#24 and #25—which, at first glance, seem conflicting. “While content creation on thousands of blogs increased 78% in 2013 and 2014, engagement decreased by 60%.” That doesn’t really make you want to run out and start content marketing. But it demonstrates a really good point, which the author stated in her original articlebrands aren’t rewarded for simply “showing up to the game.” They need to outperform the competition to win the audience’s favor and earn the results they want.

That’s where #25 comes in: “Strategically-aligned content marketing can boost customer engagement by 400% & acquisition by 300%.” The key words there? Strategically-aligned. You can’t just do content marketing without a solid strategy in place and expect to reap any benefits. Success is possible, but it takes hard work.

My takeaway? These stats make it clear: content marketing is here to stay. But you need a thought-out strategy in place to make it work for your company.

So, how will you earn the results you want?

(If you need a kickstart, we’d love to chat with you.)

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  • Carolee Bennett

    Thanks for the shout-out & the link to the blog post. I want to be sure to mention here, as I do in the original post, that the data point cited is from a kapost article.

    • marisanectafy

      Thanks for that information, Carolee! We’ve updated the article to share Kapost’s infographic, too.

      • Carolee Bennett

        That’s perfect! Thank you!

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