Ugly People Don’t Sell Beer

Ugly People Don't Sell Beer

Well, they may sell it, but they don’t advertise it.

Have you ever noticed in those television ads that there is no one in the crowd who is just “average.” Not that I’m a great judge of such things, but I think it’s obvious enough, even dense people like me can tell.

The marketing machines behind their advertisements know what they’re doing.

I doubt this is an exhaustive list, but I thought of a few reasons why they use beautiful people.

  1. They don’t want you to change the channel right away.
  2. They want you to associate beautiful people with their brand.
  3. They want you to believe you look that good (or that others will at least think you look that good) when you consume their beverage.
  4. They are selling the experience, not anything specifically about the product.

While you probably don’t have the marketing budget of Budweiser or Heineken, you can apply a few tips to your own website.

  • Make sure that your website looks good enough to keep someone there for longer than the average yawn. Studies show that it takes less than 4 seconds for a user to decide whether to stick around or not. That doesn’t mean your website has to be the coolest thing in the world, but it should look good enough that you’re proud of it. If you aren’t, get a website design that you love.
  • Use professional photography, and don’t over use stock photography (even if they’re beautiful people. In the case of the web, it can make you feel “less real.”). A professional photographer can make you and your company look really awesome and memorable. I recommend Island Road Images for fantastic photography if your company is around Boston.
  • The copywriting on your site should communicate to your potential customer what they can experience when they use your company. There’s an old saying that says, “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.” Sell both, but remember your customer only cares about how it will work for them.

What other lessons have you learned by watching the marketing “big boys”?

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