33 Ingredients To Add To Your Viral Content Secret Formula

Viral Content Mash-UpEach week, in our Mid-Week Marketing Mash-Up, we bring you the advice of five must-read marketing articles in just two minutes or less.

It’s every marketer’s dream to create content that nearly everyone in the world wants to share. And while that probably won’t ever happen, there are ways for businesses to increase the likelihood of some level of viral content happening. Check out these 33 tips you can implement to push your posts in the right direction.

  1. Utilizing A Small Budget To Make A Big Point With Viral Marketing: Viral marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on spreading content via social media. Any business can create viral content, and you probably already have the needed tools. Content is shared on social media when it is valuable or entertaining, defines ourselves, nurtures relationships, promotes causes or brands, or achieves self-fulfillment. There are also certain types of content that tend to go viral, including articles and blog posts, interactive content (like games and quizzes), videos, and infographics or memes. Even if you follow the aforementioned criteria, your content may not take off as you would hope. To increase the likelihood of your piece going viral, 1) promote your content as much as you can and 2) consider syndicating your blog. 3) Include share buttons so it’s easy for people to share your content, and even 4) create a call-to-action asking people to share. Lastly, 5) reward those who do share your content.
  2. Interesting Infographics: How To Make Your Content Go Viral [INFOGRAPHIC]: While no one can guarantee viral content, it is possible to increase the likelihood of it happening. So, if you want your content to go viral, don’t make these mistakes. 6) Neglecting emotions: content needs to be emotionally charged. 7) Leaving out share-worthy aspects: include a call-to-action asking for a share, offer rewards for sharing, and make sure your content is actually useful. 8) Not considering timeliness: know what times your content will most successfully reach people. 9) Having a low-quality design: design is a key element of viral content. 10) Not considering distribution channels: use YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, and others to help promote your content.
  3. Twerk Your Content: Drive Viral Distribution Of Your B2B Content Using Advocates And Influencers: To create viral content, B2B marketers need to understand how to create content that encourages widespread yet low-cost distribution, what it looks like for B2B content to go viral, and how to add that special element that will help go as viral as possible. Viral content also depends on certain criteria being met—namely, the “right” people sharing it with the  “right” people in their networks through the most appropriate platforms at the best time of the day. To create content that is more likely to go viral, 11) design your content for maximum sharing by including a story, triggering emotion, and sharing valuable information. Then, 12) ask your advocates to share it first to gain some momentum. Lastly, 13) leverage appropriate influencer endorsements whenever possible.
  4. 13 Lessons From Upworthy & BuzzFeed: Viral Content’s Secret Sauce: BuzzFeed and Upworthy have discovered something noteworthy that has led to each seeing enormous visitor growth. You can replicate their methods and see growth, too. 14) The audiences you want to cater to are “bored at work” and “bored in line.” So, alleviate their boredom and resonate with their frustrations. Be intentional when deciding how to distribute content because 15) “virality” will depend on the platform you choose. 16) Certain reactions are more successful than others, so consider the reaction your content will invoke. 17) Supercharge your content with emotion. 18) Stack your content by including several examples of content that trigger the same emotion in one post. 19) Realize the power of self-identification and create a post tailored to people who think they have certain characteristics or opinions. 20) Don’t be afraid to repurpose or update content. Along the same lines, 21) consider curating old but great content that just went under the radar. 22) Use language your audience is familiar with. Because many people want to make a difference, 23) create posts that highlight certain causes or issues. 24) Create a fantastic title. 25) Remember that every piece you post won’t be a grand slam. 26) Make sure your content is “human.”
  5. The Secret Formula For The Perfect Viral Share [INFOGRAPHIC]: Viral content depends on hard work, science, and a little bit of luck. 27) You have to have the right kind of content for maximum shareability, and for the greatest success, 28) it should evoke emotion. 29) Test your delivery, and 30) make your content as readable as possible. Consider 31) adding at least one image, and never forget to 32) speak authoritatively. Perhaps most importantly, 33) make your headline perfect. (Check out Gryffin’s infographic to their secret formula for viral content.)

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