The Simple Way To Choose An Inbound Marketing Agency

There are hundreds of marketing agencies out there. When you’re getting ready to choose one for your business, it can be difficult to know what to look for. Use these tips to ensure you choose the right inbound marketing agency for your company.

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Lance: So one of the things you and I have talked about, is there seems to be an overall lack of awareness of how to choose an agency.

Henry: There are so many people that do internet marketing out there. And I was even one of them right out of college, not really knowing what I’m doing. So, I was contributing to the problem at one point. I finally am starting to figure it out, luckily. But, I think, pretty simply put, you’re going to hear from, or you’re going to find a lot of marketing agencies out there, of all kinds.

If you want someone to design your website, go to their website. Does it look good? Go look at their Facebook page. If they’re talking about doing some social media for you, and they basically only have their uncles and brothers and a few customers who like their Facebook page—it says, “17 Likes”—they’re probably not going to be great at it!

You want to check to make sure that they have a blog, probably, and that it’s good, valuable information. You want to see that they have a way for you to sign up and follow them and get their content through email, and also social channels. So, however someone wants to read your stuff. If it’s on Twitter, or through email, they give those options to you to read that way. Because this is what they’re going to be doing for you, so they better be doing it for themselves.

Lance: I think, too, read what’s on the website and say, “Is this tone, is how this is presented—is this me?”

Henry: Really, you going out and finding an agency, and researching it and figuring out if you like them or not—that whole process—they’re going to build that for you. So just make sure that you believe in it first, kind of a sniff test, I guess.

What criteria do you look for in a marketing agency? Tell us in a comment below!


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